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Sunshines Peaceful Place is a one stop shop for all your health & spiritual needs. Look around to see what WE may be able to help you with & WE are at your service. Thank you kindly for your support!

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Ayana Guillory originally created Sunshines Spiritual Bath Salts LLC to provide her clients with a peaceful experience through bath time & meditation. She is focused on helping others navigate their journey of self awareness, cleansing themselves of old baggage, awakening God given gifts, as well as healing the mind, body & spirit. All products are infused with her magical juju, organic herbs, & organic flowers that have spiritual properties to give the best results.

Sunshines Peaceful Place LLC was inspired by her own healing journey as well as battling different ailments. Tired of taking pills that had so many side effects, she knew she had to figure out a better way of being healthy so here we are.

Ayana Guillory is the mother of 6 children & grandmother to 10 grandchildren, a Sickle Cell Warrior who wanted to find a way to heal herself of everyday aches & pains through water as well as herbal remedies. She was given the nickname Sunshine by a friend who said she shined like the sun, however her native name is Sunflower Rising.

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